For those of you who know the song….please feel free to sing along!

I am in my third trimester, and I am BOILING hot! I’m usually the one who sneaks out to the living room at night to turn the thermostat UP when Sean isn’t looking. I love scarves and warm coats and curling up under a blanket to watch TV. But not anymore! Not since I’ve started sharing my body with a couple pounds of toasty warm baby!

Now I have to dress in layers when I go to work, because by 10 am I’ve stripped off my jacket, my scarf, and my cardigan…and I’m down to bare arms and a tank top because I’m a million degrees. Tonight when I came home from work I turned OFF the heater, threw open the windows and announced “I am finally going to save us SO much money on our heating bill!”

Well, until we hit those 100 degree summer days……oh well!


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  1. Mommy let me look at the picture of Rylee. I am glad her owie is all better. I can’t wait to share my tractors with Max. XOXO Caleb

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