Ok all you moms and baby gurus…..get your typing fingers ready!

This weekend, Sean and I (with my mom on the phone and on the computer) started to tackle the enormous challenge of registering for baby stuff. What a daunting process! At least when you register for a wedding you know what each thing is used for! (Although we didn’t register for household stuff and even if we had I personally wouldn’t have known how to use it, but still….). One can figure out what a crock pot is for. But how the hell does a Diaper Genie II work?? And yes, it is incredibly exciting to register for tiny swaddling blankets and fun toys that make music. But deciding on what pacifiers will not cause our child to need braces, or what bottles are BPA free, or whether or not we’ll need an infant car seat that goes to 22 or 30 pounds??! Thank goodness my mom had done an extraordinary amount of research for us. And Sean was incredible about taking a category and learning everything there was to know about it, and then adding it to the list. I was at one end of the living room on a laptop with my mom on the phone, researching baby bathtubs, and Sean was at the other end with Baby Bargains (thanks Kerrin!), Consumer Reports, and his own laptop researching baby monitors. He’d yell out “Done! What’s next? Ok….baby carriers….on it!” and so on and so forth. We were a pretty good team, the three of us! And then there’s the anecdotal research. Jenny liked the Peanut Shell sling for her little girl, so that should go on the list. Mom’s friend’s son loved the Gymini playmat so that made the list.

So…..chime in here people! What baby product could you NOT live without? What did you get from friends unexpectedly that ended up being a life saver? What was a total marketing ploy that you took back and never used? It takes a village ladies….and we need your valuable input! The comment button is below……


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  1. HI Kim, Sean and Mom!

    Sounds like you all did an incredible job and that all bases are well covered. I remember how often we used ONESIES and infant bibs, a baby front pack (ours was so-so…not worth remembering the brand) and then a backpack. I understand the diaper genies are well worth it…and I just remember lots of diapers. With Katie, we started at the 6 month stage so I did not go through the real small stage with her. I’m sure you have a great list. I’ll be taking a look soon! Love to all…

  2. I just looked at your registry…how fun! Looks like you did great! What was the best…hmm…gowns. Yep, gowns. My mom and Mike went and bought Caleb some just a day or so after we came home. They are silly looking, but make night diaper changes SO much easier! A must, even in June! Like I told my cousins, you will need more burp cloths, sheets, and wash cloths than you will ever imagine. Did you register for a swing, I don’t remember seeing one. A wonderful invention. We got the one that swings both ways (front-back, and side-side). Some babies love them, some don’t! And for the diaper genie, I can’t remember which one (diaper genie or diaper champ) needs specific bags. We bought the one that you don’t, you just use regular ol’ garbage bags. I have heard people swear by the wipe warmer, I heard they can cause small fires, do your research, but if they don’t I’ll have one next time! I always worried about Caleb and the cold wipes. We also wish we had bought an extra car seat base. We were so tired of switching the bases! Well worth the money. Wasn’t registering fun??! Oh…I have the same Boppie! I can’t wait to shop for Mr. Max!

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