What makes this trimester different than all of the rest???

1. We’re that much closer to meeting Max! It’s becoming easier/less scary/way more real to daydream about what he will be like and how our lives will change when he arrives. Sean asked today what color I thought Max’s eyes will be. Will he have the blonde hair that I had when I was little? Will he be too small for his infant carrier, or too big for his ‘newborn’ size clothes?

2. My belly seems to be growing and growing and growing every day. Some of the shirts that were “baggy and flowy” when I wasn’t pregnant, are now completely out of the rotation.

3. ‘Pregnancy Brain’ continues. On Friday, I came in to work to find a nice note from Accounting, gently inquiring about the expense sheet I had turned in. “Dear Kim, Did you have any expenses on 2/3? And do you by chance have the receipts for these expenses?” Apparently I had turned in an entire expense sheet with dates and the names of expenses, with NO dollar amounts and NO receipts. Thank goodness our Accounting Lady knew all about pregnancy brain and could have a good laugh with me. What’s even funnier, is that my boss SIGNED the sheet 🙂 I’ve also managed to walk out of the house leaving the ONE light on that I always yell at Sean to turn off. I’ve even forgotten entire steps while showering. I’ve only been going through the same wash hair/wash body/condition hair/shave legs/wash face process for how many years? And now I manage to walk out of the shower completely forgetting the “wash body” stage? Or conditioning my hair twice? I feel a bit like an amnesia patient who needs to make lists so that I don’t forget what comes next!

4. Leg Cramps. Two and a half pounds of baby Max pushing on all of my insides and blood vessels and such….means that my body does not feel the same.

5. But on a happier note….we are starting to do so much planning for Max’s nursery! We’re leaning towards a chocolate brown crib and furniture, but with lots of bright white and blue accents. Maybe one light blue wall? Maybe some pops of color, with oranges or greens? We can almost picture what it will be like to rock him in the glider (and we know what corner it will fit in!) and where his little tiny clothes will hang in the closet. We’re imagining where we’ll take him in his stroller, and how he’ll nestle in to his new car seat.

The big countdown begins!


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