Driving home from work tonight I was singing along to the radio….loudly. An OLD SCHOOL song from back in the day with my Roomie came on, and I started laughing at myself when I was belting out all of the words to “Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies can’t haaaaave none!)”, including the ones that the radio station bleeped out.

And I’m going to be somebody’s MOM????

How did Susie and I go from having “Ain’t No Fun” and “Roll Out” on the constant mix tape rotation, getting ready to go out dancing with the girls, stopping at Costco the next morning to get our pictures developed and grabbing a bagel and a caramel frappy on the way (because calories don’t matter when you’re in your early 20’s) to……being seven months pregnant and about ready to PARENT someone??! We’ve gone from staying up all night talking about boys and commitment and what happens next, to fighting to stay awake until American Idol is over because we have 2+ pounds of growing baby in our bellies. We’re going to be somebody’s MOM. And I bet our little guys will have a love of Starbucks mornings and fun music in the car, communicating with each other in their secret baby language, while their moms chat just like old times.


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