Well…I’m really only 27 weeks and 4 days, but close enough!

Fascinating facts from today’s appointment:

1) I am now measuring at 28. Still don’t know if this is cm, mm, inches…who the hell knows?

2) Doctor says I should stop working at least a month before my due date. This is very sad. Very. Sad. 🙂

3) Chamomile tea is ok.

4) The pressure I’ve been feeling on my nether regions is normal.

5) Baby kicking my bladder is normal.

6) My placenta is anterior. Meaning it’s on the part of my uterus that’s facing the front of my tummy. Totally normal, but could be why it’s easier to feel Max kick lower, but harder to feel him kick the front of my belly.

7) 50% of people fail the first glucose test, and they should have my results in a few days. Great. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

8) Max’s heartbeat is 160. Doctor found his heartbeat up higher than I usually find it with my at-home doppler. Doctor gave me the “you’re crazy” look when I told him that, followed by “it’s probably not his heartbeat that you’re hearing then”. Hah hah!

And one more fascinating fact….in the picture (above) I am standing in a VERY special, VERY exciting spot….which I can not reveal here on the blog, but most of you know all about. Here’s a hint: Today was a wonderful day for new beginnings and moving forward on our journey towards being a family of three (plus Rylee!)


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