This week’s little blurb about Max’s development (in the box to the right—–>) mentions that he can now hear and move to the rhythm of music! For some reason, this cracks me up! Is he doing the Running Man? Perhaps his own version of Susie’s famous “shoulder bounce”? Or maybe the baby Electric Slide?

Either way, it’s made me very conscious of the music that I listen to! As I rock out in the car to Pink’s “Sober” or Eminem and Dr. Dre’s “Crack the Bottle”, I’m overwhelmed by guilt that our little Max is listening to such trash! Quick….change the radio station! Ahhhh…..James Taylor….MUCH better!

And then sure enough, as I’m singing loudly to Brad Paisley on the way home from work…..I can feel Max doin’ a little dance! Perhaps that’s a country line dance in there??


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