“Pregnancy Brain” is now in full effect. And for anyone who thought that losing one’s mind and being overwhelmed by hormones was strictly a first trimester pleasure, you are VERY wrong! For example:
1) This morning the shower door got stuck. I was half in the shower when I realized it wouldn’t close. So I got out and tried to remember what Sean had said about how to fix it, because he was gone. I put my glasses on, and stood there half wet/half dry, trying to pull on the damn thing so that it would finally close. It wouldn’t. So I started crying. In the bathroom, on a soaking wet rug. I finally figured it out, got back in the shower and started to wash up, and realized “It’s really foggy in here”. I still had my glasses on.

2) Watching the Oscars. I cried for Kate Winslet. I cried for gay people everywhere when Dustin Lance Black and Sean Penn won, and gave amazing speeches. Sean walked in right when Heath’s Ledger’s sister was accepting his Oscar on behalf of Matilda, and he said “Are you crying about Heath Ledger?” To which I replied, between tears, “Yes. Because I’m PREGNANT”.

3) I wanted to cry when the manicurist asked me if I wanted to put my feet up during my manicure. YES, yes, yes I do! Because I’m pregnant and I’m so tired and I just can’t GO ON another minute today without closing my eyes.

4) A client called to ask about the 2/24 workshop on 2/23. “What 2/24 workshop?” I asked. Oh, the one that I’M DOING.

Now I’ve heard that this phenomenon of LOSING ONE’S MIND only gets worse when the baby arrives. At that point, you have ZERO SLEEP to go on, and on top of the zero sleep, you actually have a baby to take care of. Hang on….I need to go away for a minute and have a good cry about that….


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