Even though I am only 25 weeks along, I am starting to feel SO pregnant.

This morning, exhaustion was my best friend from the time I woke up (and hit the snooze button 8 times) to the time I came home from work. I was depleted. Completely zoned. So much so that…..

At lunch I went for a walk to get a sandwich, and walked by the swanky new nail salon ‘Mani and a Nanny’. This place has a great concept….they cater to moms who can bring their kids in to play in the playroom with a Nanny while the moms get their nails done. During the week though, it’s mostly business women and the doctors and nurses from the hospital nearby. And some pregnant ladies…like me.

So I walked by, and thought “I would LOVE to rest in one of those great recliners for a few minutes….and I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to get a manicure”. In I went, and it was quite possibly the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time. First off, they put you in a plush recliner (no spa chairs with nasty tubs). Then they put the footrest all the way up and lean you back, with three pillows propped behind your back, head, and neck. They bring you water with lemon. And they fussed over my pregnant self left and right….”You need to relax. Put your feet up. Can I bring you something?”. So much so, that somewhere between the time I rolled up my sleeves and the time that I took my rings off…..I passed out cold. FELL ASLEEP. I woke up to an awesome extra-long arm/hand massage, followed by hot towels, and then took another quick little snooze. Soon my nails were being painted a trendy shade of blood red, and the incredibly kind manicurist brought out the dryer, placed it in my lap, and said with a wink “You need at least 20 minutes to dry”. In which I fell asleep again.



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