Today I had my 24 week doctor’s appointment….and what a debacle the day was! It was POURING rain here….literally dumping buckets. Drove out to P-Town for the appointment wearing anti-rain boots, slipped and fell in the lobby of the doctor’s office. SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF MYSELF. It took me 2 minutes to take the elevator up to the office, and yet I had time for this inner monologue: “Dear God, I promise that if everything is fine with the baby I will NEVER wear heels again. Sean was RIGHT about not wearing heels anymore. I’m an IDIOT…and ow, crap….my KNEE hurts! What if I jostled the baby? What if he’s hurt? Damn this rain!”. I was so upset at myself that I didn’t have time to fully relish the moment when the nurse weighed me and I had only gained THREE pounds in four weeks. Umm….yeah. NOT a pound a week, like the books say. I’m on the LOW end of THIS spectrum people! I mean, I’ve had months where I’m a little toward the OTHER end, but not this week! Where in hell I stored all those Girl Scout cookies, I have NO idea, but who cares now?! But no time to get excited, I had to cry to the nurse “I just ATE it in the lobby!!!!!!!!!”. Then the doctor kindly squeezed my shoulder and said “Did you fall ON your stomach?” Ummm…no. “You would have had to have fallen right on your stomach to hurt the baby. I think you’re going to be ok”. DEEP BREATH.

Max’s heartbeat sounded great. My cervix is still closed up tight (if any of you were dying of curiousity). Blood pressure is great (because they took it AFTER my little freak-out). Oh, and why yes I AM probably having a few Braxton-Hicks contractions! ooohhhhh….having one right now actually! Just Max’s way of saying “Mom, you’re embarassing me!” Just some little practice ones, but apparently that’s ok. My uterus/belly is measuring 25….apparently that’s exactly where I should be. I’ve even graduated to another appointment in just THREE weeks (not four any more), and then after that, every TWO weeks! Want to know what I’m NOT looking forward to? The glucose screening test that will happen in three weeks. They were nice enough to give me the bottle of orange syrup to put in our fridge before I have to slam it the morning of the test. The only thing that could make a blood draw worse is having to chug a whole bottle of orange nastiness on an empty stomach first. I’ll keep you posted on how THAT goes.


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