Dad, meet Max…..

For the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling Max kick, roll, and somersault pretty strongly in my belly. It’s crazy to me that I can feel him so strongly from the inside, but rarely (if at all) from the outside. The times that I have felt him from the outside have been a huge surprise, but as soon as I move my hand back again, he decides to chill for a while.

Sean and I have had many nights (that’s when Max is the most active….go figure?!) with conversations that go like this:

Kim: Put your hand here. No. Here. Wait…now hold still. Did you feel that?

Sean: No.

Kim: Well just concentrate! Did you feel that?

Sean: Nope. Nothing.

Kim: Are you sure?

Sean: Seriously? I can’t feel anything (moves hand off my belly).

Kim: Wait! He did it again! Did you feel THAT?

Sean: Ummm…no.

Kim: Ok…right there…stop moving your hand! No…press lighter, or he’ll swim away.

Sean: I don’t feel anything. This is dumb.

Kim: Wait! He just did it again!

To the point where I started to feel really silly. And then….last Sunday night….

Kim: Put your hand right here. No, down lower. Did you feel that?

Sean: Nope.

Kim: Ok, just wait. Crap…now he’s not moving. Oh wait…

Sean: I felt that!

Kim: You did? Where?

Sean: Right where my fingers are, and then on my palm!

Kim: Are you sure? What did it feel like?

Sean: Like a little thump, and then a smaller one!

Kim: Are you sure it wasn’t my pulse? Did it move in a rhythm?

Sean: I’m sure! I just felt it once, and then nothing. Max is an over-achiever! The doctor said I wouldn’t be able to feel anything until at least 24 weeks!


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