We had so much fun when Baubee (Kim’s mom Barbara) came to visit us this weekend! Here are a few of the highlights:

1) Relaxing at the Orchard Garden Hotel. Great robes, comfy beds, and a concierge with a soft spot for pregnant women (he let me leave my car in the loading zone for a few hours….twice!)
2) Fun dinners at some favorite old spots, and some great new ones (like Cafe Claude, for pommes frites, potato gratin, french onion soup, and an amazing pork/caramel apple entree that was to die for!)
3) Lots and lots of great talks, bonding time, and day-dreaming about what life will be like when Max comes home.

4) Our very first Babies R Us excursion. Quite possibly, we have found the crib that we like! And lo and behold, it’s rated TOP of the list on Consumer Reports and in the Baby Bargain book. Pretty darn good, considering we chose it based on looks and color! We also got some great ideas for changing tables/dressers. We were completely overwhelmed by the stroller/car seat section, and took a nice long break in the gliders…ahhh…gliders….we will definitely be getting one of those! We weren’t completely impressed with the clothes and linens there, so we headed over to….

5) Target. LOVED the baby clothes there. Super soft, not expensive, good quality, and damn adorable. Plus, the linens and nursery stuff have a great “modern” look to them…perfect for what we had in mind for Max’s room. However, all of this was way too overwhelming for a 22 weeks pregnant woman, so we will register ANOTHER TIME. Hey, it took every ounce of energy I had to just decide WHERE to register. Looks like it will be a combination of Babies R Us (for the “gear”) and Target (for clothes, linens, materials). My mom was such an incredible support…she helped with all of the research, took great notes about what we liked, and kept me reigned in when I was ready to grab “the gun” and start adding random crap that we didn’t need!

6) Moms and daughters brunch with Pam and Susie! Two grandmas, two roomies, and two baby boys due in June. Lots of discussion about labor, breast feeding, sleep habits, and nurseries. Pam gave us some wonderful gifts too…..she made this blanket and this tiny hat for Max, and found this great bib for Baubee’s grandson!

7) A little more shopping at Gap Baby. Baubee bought us the cutest clothes, and had some presents from home too! Look how adorable these outfits are….and she even bought a matching hat for Diego!


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