There is a father-to-be in Aisle 4, and he has picked out the CUTEST baby stuff for his little guy Max!
Sean and I went to Target this afternoon to look for some plastic bins for our garage, and while I wandered off to the maternity clothes section, Max’s Dad was sucked in to the vortex that is the “Newborn Aisle”!
I could not stop smiling when he came around the corner with a sheepish grin on his face, and said “Look what I found. Some shoes for Max and his first Wooby!”

Notice the orange trim on the stylin’ baby sandals, and the adorable blue sneaks! The “wooby” (LOVE that Sean calls it that!) says “Wild Thing”, which we love because it reminds us of “Where The Wild Things Are”, the famous children’s book where MAX is the main character!

Max’s Dad has great taste……AND a soft spot for the newborn aisle 😉


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