The more pregnant I get, the more thankful I am for a few simple pleasures in life. Let’s call this my “Happy List”:

1. Dove Cream Oil body lotion. Who needs sticky, smelly, fancy “Strech Mark Lotion” that costs a bundle? This brand smells and feels divine.

2. Mavi maternity jeans. Low rise, wide leg, with room in the belly so Max can still do his little dance.

3. My hairdryer/curling iron combo contraption. I can have long blown-out curly hair (hurray for pregnancy hormones making my hair thick!) until Max arrives, when I will only wear ponytails.

4. Crack Calamari. For those of you who know about the “Crack Bacon” that Sean makes, this is a close second. Fried, sweet, spicy, sticky, and 2 blocks from my office.

5. Old Navy’s new line of yoga wear. Tank tops with built in bras, thin racerback sports bras, comfy, no wires, breathable stretchy material, soft soft soft. One word. Aaaaaah.

6. Narcissus flowers and happy smells that don’t make me gag.

7. Raspberry Italian Sodas. No caffeine. Refreshing. Bubbly water that settles my stomach.

8. Comfy fake-cashmere lounging pants from Target. Drawstring waist and super soft. Yippee!

9. Our do-it-yourself heartbeat listening machine. It’s a baby doppler, and the best $35/month I’ve ever spent. When I’m nervous, or worried about Max, or think it’s been a while since I’ve felt a good strong roooollllll in my tummy, I can take a nice long listen to his “galloping horses” heartbeat and everything is right with the world again.

10. My husband and his tireless efforts to keep me comfy. Like the other night, when he brought me the camera to upload some photos. And then the power cord so the computer didn’t die. And this past weekend, after cleaning the entire house top to bottom, and PAINTING the walls he went out to get us chinese food for dinner because I was starving and didn’t want to go any where. Could I have gotten my a** off the couch to do any of those things myself? Yes. Is he wonderful and giving and sweet because he’s doing them for me? Absolutely.

Things that I SHOULD like and will try VERY hard to like (and do) now that I’m halfway through my pregnancy:

1. Prenatal Exercise. Swimming? Or at least water aerobics. Yoga? Pilates? I mean, I do walk from my office all the way up Fillmore and back at least twice a week (hey, it’s up a HILL and MapQuest says it’s over a MILE round trip!)

2. Protein. It’s a damn shame there’s no protein in macaroni and cheese.

3. Fiber. Don’t ask.

4. Trying to be a better pen-pal/friend/email returner/blogger. Especially because when I come home after work each day, all I want to do is sleep. Mmmmm…..sleep.

5. Work on being nicer to my husband. He makes my life sooooo much easier, and I have everything in the world I’ve ever wanted. A husband who talks to the baby in my belly, brings home cookies after he picks up dinner because I’m pregnant and I might want them, lets me scream at him about stupid things when I have a hormonal pregnancy fit of rage, swears that my ass really isn’t getting any bigger (only your belly, babe), and sticks up for me when our conservative doctor doesn’t give me the answers I’m looking for.

That’s the list folks. Stay tuned for more “oohs and aahs”, preggo style.


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  1. As far as the not returning e-mails, etc. because you’d rather sleep, suck up all the sleep you can right now, because you won’t be able to get as much once Max gets here!!! But, it is a great reason for sleep depravation!!!!


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