Dear Tucker,

Today we witnessed the beginning of a new world, as we watched the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, President Barack Obama. You will learn about today in your history classes, but my hope for you is that you learn about the changes happening in our brave, ever-changing world on a daily basis. I hope that the world you grow up in is one where it’s citizens are fearless and strong, where they help their neighbor and listen to the needs of their communities. I hope that the world is a safe place for you, filled with bravery and everyday heroism. I hope that the world that you live in is one that breeds acceptance and learning, and one that promotes healing and helping. I want you to know the importance of making change, and asking questions, and daring to be different, and seeking freedom for all people. I want you to see the beauty in different kinds of families, different races, creeds, and religions. My hope for you is that today was only a beginning in this great country of ours, and that the history books begin to tell a bold new story for your generation, and the generations to come.
For my entire lifetime, I have watched the speeches given by past presidents and world leaders. They have all been “old, white men”. Not today, Tucker. Our president, your new president, is changing the face of history. He is a father, a leader, an African-American, a great orator who has inspired the country to mobilize for change. Someday you will learn about the millions of people who joined together to chant in unison, “Yes, We Can”. But for today, I want you to know that our new president spoke to the troops at an Inaugural Ball about the White Sox vs. the Cubs. He talked about how the young people of America changed the course of history, and learned to participate in politics in a way that this country has never seen before. This is a different America now Tucker, this is your America.




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