According to the pregnancy websites, and my doctor, right about now my uterus is about even with my belly button…..which means……

There’s a dance party going on in there right now! Max is growing bigger every day, and it’s a virtual bounce-house in my belly! What was once little flutters are now turning into some tumbles, rolls, and maybe a moon-walk here and there. Now, I know that this is nothing compared to the elbow jabs to my ribs and the soccer kicks to my bladder that I can expect in the months to come, but for now, this is pretty amazing! Something is ALIVE in my belly, and doing some Michael Phelps swim moves on a regular basis! I can’t wait for the moves to get stronger, so that Sean can feel them too!

This is clearly my husband’s child, because Max is on the move all the time! I can feel him when I wake up, in the afternoon, and then again each evening! They say that babies sleep 16 hours in utero, and are awake 8 hours….similar to their sleeping habits once they’re born. If that’s true, then we’re in for some looooong nights! And why should this come as a surprise? Sean is exactly the same way! He’s up the stairs, down the stairs, cleaning the kitchen, outside, inside, on the phone, pacing back and forth as he’s talking talking talking. Our little nephew Aaron has the same great energy….apparently he paces back and forth when he’s on the phone, just like Sean does! So I guess I’m not surprised that Max is on the move… it up in there little guy….we love it when you make yourself known!


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