Tomorrow is the day when we will finally know so much more about this tiny baby who is already so much a part of our lives. Right now, Tucker is a mystery….a wonderful, unknown, fantastic dream of the possibilities to come.

I hope that Tucker is healthy. And beyond that, whatever we find out will be a blessing like we’ve never experienced before. After tomorrow, we will know if Tucker is going to be our son or our daughter. I’ve been looking for “a sign” that we’re having a boy or girl, but that’s not an exact science. The woman next to me in the nail salon yesterday walked in with her twin daughters, and yelled after one of them “Maddie!”. I asked, and she was a Madeleine. I had a dream that we had two babies, who were like kangaroo or koala babies that came out miniscule and then grew to real size in their mom’s pouch. I held them in my hand (in contact solution), and realized that they had penises. Then a little girl caught my eye today when we drove by, and locked glances with me, and smiled a knowing smile. So maybe we’re having a girl? Or perhaps a boy? Or maybe it’s twins? (Ok, it’s definitely not twins, but I WAS looking for a sign).

Whatever happens tomorrow, Sean and I will be strong together, and will move forward together. We will welcome our little boy or girl with open arms, and after tomorrow we will know so much more about what kind of family we will become. We are so thrilled by the possibilities, and awestruck by this amazing miracle of life.


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