For about a week now, I’ve been feeling random little thumps in my belly every so often. Not just the little flutters that I had been feeling before, but something bigger. I was listening to Tucker’s heartbeat last week, and as I pressed the doppler wand against my belly I felt a resounding “THUNK”. What was that???!! Must’ve been nothing. But then last night, while I was watching two hours worth of The Bachelor on Tivo, circa 11:30 at night, I felt something again. “THUNK”. “Thunk, Thunk”. What was that??? I put my hands on my belly….the feeling was coming from one particular spot, right in the center of my lower belly….right where I know the baby is. I told myself that if I could feel the kicks from the outside, then I’d wake Sean up so he could feel. But… such luck. These “thunks” are strictly between the baby and I at this point. I sound like I’m losing my mind, right? I am not imagining this, people.

But then….today when I was getting a pedicure, I had my legs propped up on the chair and felt…..THUNK. ROLL. Thunk. What??!

I think that Tucker is trying to tell us something! Maybe it’s “Hey Mom and Dad, I’ll give you a wave on Friday when you’re peering in on me at the doctor’s office”. For now, I’m content with some resounding “thunks” here and there. Keep ’em coming little one!


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