This is how much my husband loves me:

There’s nothing wrong with using food to measure love. Pork tenderloin with apple cider gravy, and baked apples stuffed with cornbread, brown sugar and sage. How did I get so lucky?

Tonight, Sean’s making french toast with caramelized bananas and cinnamon sugar butter. Tucker is doing a little dance. Really…I can feel so many flutters now, and they usually coincide with food. Tucker is SUCH a Simon!


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  1. Hi Kim! It’s me Jen Weiss! Can I please pass along a very belated CONGRATULATIONS to you and Sean! I am just thrilled for you both!!! I have a congrats card for you at home that has been sitting there about a month (I am so bad at these things)! I have been receiving the updates from Sus though, glad things are going well. Let’s do lunch soon!!!

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