We hope all of you had safe, happy, healthy New Year’s Eve celebrations!

As for us, we spent the whole night at a raging dance club in the city. We stumbled home around 3 am, and then posted all of our exploits on Facebook.

Actually, we didn’t.

I fell asleep on the couch around 10, and woke up approximately three minutes before midnight. We were hard-core partiers.

We did enjoy some great food last night…in the Simon family tradition we had crab, shrimp, bread, and lots of cheese. Sean bought some fabulous desserts, and we toasted with a nice white wine (OK, sparkling cider for me). But then it was only 9 pm. So we watched the ball drop on East Coast time (the Hillary and Bill Clinton “embrace” kinda killed the romance of the night for me). We talked to some of our Simon relatives on Skype. And then I passed out.

By the time I woke up we could half-see the fireworks in SF from our window, through the thick fog that had moved in.

And now, we’re having a bacon and eggs breakfast. With pasteurized goat cheese. Hooray! Happy New Year!

We’re hard-core people, WATCH OUT!


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