Nesting: The phenomenon where pregnant women become incredibly domestic, usually characterized by cleaning, cooking, laundry, and excessive organizing.

Most signs point to the fact that I will probably never be a nester. As most of you know, I lack the very important domestic gene that many women are born with. I can load the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, and every so often, put things away. I’ve gotten better at laundry. But my husband is the one who sweeps, takes out the trash, scrubs the pots and pans, and generally makes sure that things aren’t disgusting.

I could probably cook, if I wanted to. Sean will admit that I am the best grilled-cheese maker in the whole world. This may just be positive reinforcement so that I continue to do it, but I’ll take it.

Soooo…I was caught a little off guard last night when I suddenly had the urge to make banana muffins….from scratch. Could I be NESTING? Or just nauseated by the 8 bananas sitting in the fruit bowl, about to rot? Suddenly, I was gathering ingredients and baking away! The recipe said to “sift” the dry ingredients, but I figured that was too much work. Mixing them around with a wooden spoon seemed fine, until clouds of flour and sugar flew out of the bowl and on to Tucker’s apartment….which sort of sticks out now and can get in the way! The recipe also said that I needed unsalted butter. Hmmm….I only had one stick of unsalted, and one stick of salted. I mixed both of them together and figured semi-salted would be fine, if I added in a little extra sugar to the mix. Add some squashed up bananas, and a few butterscotch chips on top (I threw those in for good measure…aren’t I clever? Rachel Ray…watch out!)….this was starting to look like a project straight out of Martha Stewart’s kitchen! Soon enough, I had 24 happy looking muffins baking away in the oven.

The muffins were delicious. The kitchen was a mess. And who knows, perhaps I am truly on my way to being a nester!


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