You’re right, this is not a post about Tucker’s Mom, but about Tucker’s Dad 🙂

Sean took a quick trip to Arizona over Christmas to visit with his brother Harvey, sister-in-law Teri, and nephew Aaron. He was also joined by Dad and Pauline (who flew in from New Jersey) and Joe, Mindy, and Brayden.

It sounds like he had a really wonderful time there, and was able to indulge in lots of “Boy Things” since I was home in San Francisco (resting, of course!). Apparently, the “Boy Things” included video games with Aaron, cigars and golf with Dad, Harvey and Joe, lots of good food (including S’Mores in the backyard!), a few rounds of golf, a football game, and even some booze. I sure missed seeing everyone, but I’m glad that Sean had a chance to be there. We were even able to “Skype” together, and we lit the Chanukah candles with Sean on the other side of the computer!


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